Travelers Trust

Our Principles

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    You matter to us

    You the customer are what matters most - so our services are based on your needs, not ours.

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    Honest, fair prices

    Travel medical insurance doesn't have to cost the world. We promise fair, reasonable and honest pricing.

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    Quick service

    We know international medical insurance can be complicated, so we'll do our best to answer your questions quickly and thoroughly.

You’ll love our service:

“Thanks so much for helping me with my insurance. Quick, easy and cheap. No hassle, just the way I like it”


“…was panicking when I realised I had no insurance. Sorted it on my cell in the airport in five minutes…”


“…wasn’t sure whether my asthma would be covered. Emailed you and got a response in about an hour, and you’ll cover my asthma. Result!”


“Really appreciate that I received the policy documents straight away because I needed them quickly for my visa.”



We know you don't want to spend a lot of time comparing prices, coverages and reading fine-print, so we've done away with that hassle for you.

As long-term expatriates with over fifty years' of experience living and traveling overseas, we at Travelers Trust feel uniquely qualified to understand what's required to put together a safe, enjoyable and successful trip abroad. Preparing for even a short trip can be a hectic and stressful time – so much to do and so many things to co-ordinate. We know because we've been there ourselves.

That's why we created Travelers Trust. We recognize that it can feel as though a thousand things are screaming for your attention all at once as you plan and prepare for your trip, and that it seems like you're rapidly running out of time. You've got to get things done quickly, and you don't have the luxury of waiting around for slow responses from vendors. After all, you'd much rather spend your energy crafting the perfect vacation route or researching must-see places. The last thing you want is to waste endless hours sorting through those less-exciting (albeit necessary) matters like travel medical insurance. And that's where we can help.

Our website was designed with you in mind. We've made all the necessary information easily available, so you can make an informed choice about your travel insurance requirements without spending hours researching policies and prices. We've streamlined the process so you can quickly find the travel insurance that fits your needs – and at a price that fits comfortably within your budget. After all, you'd certainly prefer spending your hard-earned money on exploring the far corners of the planet rather than on insurance, wouldn't you?

We know you don't want to spend time comparing prices, coverage and fine-print, so we did all that for you. As a result, we've put together the best travel insurance plan available – and it also just happens to be one of the most economically-priced policies in the travel industry. How can this be? Lower overhead costs: Most of our sales are online so we can offer our policies to you at a lower price. Furthermore, you're guaranteed no 'high-pressure' sales tactics. We'll even give you a quote without asking for any contact details, so you can be sure we won't make a nuisance of ourselves if you elect not to buy our policy.

While most of our clients are American citizens travelling abroad, Travelers Trust is nevertheless a globally-minded company specializing in the needs of non-U.S. citizens also, whether traveling to the United States or to other overseas destinations. We know from personal experience that some customers have difficultly when dealing with companies that only truly consider their domestic clientele. We're committed to helping all of our customers, regardless of where they live.

When you buy your travel medical insurance from Travelers Trust, you can rest assured you're doing business with an organization that is keenly aware of the problems you may encounter as an international traveler and how we might be called upon to assist you. With Travelers Trust, you can expect quality coverage, convenience and, most importantly, peace of mind. And to top it off, you'll receive personalized attention to your needs that comes from some of the best customer service in the industry. It's the reason we're called "Travelers Trust."

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